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8 novembre 2015 : communication de Jean-Claude Lapraz au 3e Congrès de la S.I.R.O.E.

Rome - Palazzo Santa Chiara

Lors du 3ème Congrès de la Società Italiana Ricerra Oli Essenzila (S.I.R.O.E) qui se tenait à Rome du 6 au 8 novembre 2015, Jean-Claude Lapraz, président de la SIMEPI est intervenu le 8 novembre, lors de la session "Essential Oils in Bio-Natural Medicine"

Communication de Jean-Claude Lapraz :

A brief introduction to Aromatherapy of the terrain according to Endobiogeny - Integrated physiology and endobiogenic and algorithmic approach to essential oils use in human medicine


Aromatherapy offers many advantages in the care of patients but tends to be used symptomatically and as a substitute for medications. Clinical aromatherapy is the rational and systematic application of essential oil to the global terrain of the patient. It offers a more physiologic way to selecting and applying essential oils in clinical practice. We present the theory of Endobiogeny as an example of an approach to integrative physiology and clinical aromatherapy. The efficacy of endobiogeny is demonstrated using the application of Salvia officinalis in a post-menopausal woman. In this example, six months of treatment using low-dose oral and vaginal Salvia officinalis allowed for resolution of symptoms and correction of the terrain.